James Pethel III
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, James Franklin Pethel III (Jamie) who was born in Salisbury, North Carolina on July 12, 1983 to Mary Jo  Lowder and James Franklin Pethel Jr. Jamie  passed away on September 04, 2006 at the age of 23 from a methadone/xanax combination. Jamie is truly missed and was loved by so many. 



              2007-My 2nd Christmas without you. Missing you so very much.

        Happy 24th Birthday in Heaven-July 12, 2007
                 I miss you so very much. Mom


                                               Mom (Mary and Jamie)               



                                                Photo By Tina Porter                            


Sun, Mar 25, 2007
Methadone, a quiet killer: deaths from unintentional overdoses rising 

Lawmaker wants stiffer law to combat fatal overdoses 

Methadone can wean addicts off other drugs, help with pain



               I AM WITH YOU STILL

                       In a twinkling of an instance
                          A dream comes to an end
                     The winds of change presented
                         Coming round the bend

                    And so your world is shattered
                        A breaking of your heart
                         The fabric of your being
                          So quickly ripped apart

                        It's all that you imagined
                       In all your wildest dreams
                     The emptiness surrounds you
                         With pain or so it seems

                        But this is not the ending
                  For strength lives on through will
                       My love is always with you
                          And I am with you still

                             Author Unknown


          Jason Sink, Jamie's half brother passed away on 04-01-09. Rest in Peace Jamie and Jason.     

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Tributes and Condolences
Thinking about You   / Bren ONeal (friend)
Hey Mary, It's hard to believe it has been 6 years since we lost our children. I really shouldn't say lost because we know through our faith in a Loving God exactly where they are... with Him. I pray you are filled with total peace and hope today, to...  Continue >>
$th. Anniversary   / Eileen Pacheco (maternal grandmother )
Mary I love you so much but never know what to say to you. Both of our hearts have been shattered without the love of our life. When the time comes we will see him in the heavenly home. He will meet us there. You are in my prayers every night. I ju...  Continue >>
4th anniversaryof death and of his heavenly home.   / Eileen Pacheco (Maternal Grandmother )
Another 4 years has come and gone. A sad time for all of us but we know that you are in your eternal home and some day we will be able to be with you again. Jamieyou are on my mind everyday and everynight. The years have gone so fast for me. Just re...  Continue >>
4TH Angelversary   / Bren ONeal (friend)
My precious Mary I wanted you to know you are always in my thoughts and prayers.You and Jamie will always hold a special place in my heart. Love Bren
I Understand   / Bren ONeal (Angel/Wendy)
I understand this journey we walk together Mary. Our paths were crossed when Jamie and Wendy brought us together. When you struggle I will help you as you helped me first. We live so many miles a part but in my heart you and Jamie will always live th...  Continue >>
Thinking Of You  / Janeane Basinger (old friend of mothers )    Read >>
Missing You  / Bren ONeal (An Angel )    Read >>
Thinking of you always  / Bren ONeal (Friend)    Read >>
Sending Love & Prayers  / Bren O'Neal (Friend)    Read >>
MERRY CHRISTMAS  / Bren O'Neal (Child Of God )    Read >>
Such a handsome young man.  / Tonja Brown     Read >>
You live in each of our hearts  / Steve Ratliff (Friend of Mary )    Read >>
For a life taken too young  / Mike Vukmanovic (none)    Read >>
The Empty Chair, by Baydon S.  / Mary Haynes (Mother)    Read >>
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His legacy
Jamie's Legacy to Me  
I have learned more watching Jamie's struggles with addiction than I could have learned from anyone. He taught me so much about what the young addicts go through and I feel I am a much better counselor as a result of my son. This is for you son, you taught me well. I love you and miss you everyday. As I watch your son grow, I will let him know all about you and give him those great big bear hugs you gave and would have given to him. We will watch over him and be the best grandparents any little boy could ever have. Love, Your Mom
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James Franklin Pethel III (Jamie)
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