James Pethel III
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May love fill your life  / Tricia Hurley (friend)  Read >>
May love fill your life  / Tricia Hurley (friend)

May you watch over your family and loved ones and know that you will always be in their hearts.  May peace have found you and the light surround you.
Trish Close
My Special Son  / Mary Haynes (Mom)  Read >>
My Special Son  / Mary Haynes (Mom)
This is a poem that I had written Jamie when he was about 14 years old.

I was young when I gave birth to you, I really didn't know quite what to do.

I made mistakes, I learned from them, but from the beginning you were my gem.

I loved you with all I had, but my addiction was strong, it really turned bad.

You really didnt have a good start in life, sometimes if felt like someone was turning a knife.

There were stresses and struggles you shouldn't have seen, I should have been there for you to have a place to lean.

When you were seven, I went for help. And when the clouds lifted and I saw what I had become, I knew in my heart I was ready for this one.

I was single and it was hard, sometimes life caught me off guard.

But I was determined we could get through this together, somehow, someway, we could get through the bad weather.

We have been through the storms, we have been through the rough seas, we have come a long way, we were given the keys.

From the time I got clean, I wanted to be a good mother, we didn't have much, but we had each other.

I have loved you. I have cried for you, I have prayed for you and I have struggled with you.

At times its been so painful, I thought my heart would break, but together we tried and faith told me we would make it.

I look at you and see myself, some is good and some is bad, but through the years, your all I had.

We stuck together through thick and thin, my love for you is deep within. 

Now here we are, your almost grown, somewhere along the way, the seed has been sown.

You are quite a young man with a heart of gold,  you are funny, you are sweet, sometimes your real bold.

You are handsome, you are smart, you have come a long way, even without a good start.

So let me say my son, you are so special to me, you are my heart and soul, you are everything to me.

Love, Your Mother Close
Jamie had a big heart  / Pat Smith (freind)  Read >>
Jamie had a big heart  / Pat Smith (freind)

I have  been cutting Jamie's hair since he was a little twirp. He always had beautiful blue eyes an a big smile to share. Some of the crazy designs he had me cut into his  scalp   were really funny........He loved animals an had a very big heart. I will always love him an miss him so much....

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